22 December 2003

Send the Pain Below-Chevelle

I haven't blogged in over a month.

13 November 2003


-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

...................pretty good

11 November 2003

It's Veteran's Day. Did you know that? You'd be surprised at how many people didn't. We had an assembly today and a guest speaker came and he had some pretty sad stories. Kayla and I were bawling our heads off by the time we got out of there. One thing he was talking about was how to recognize a Veteran. He said at basketball games and football games or whatever you go to, while the band is playing the national anthem and you look around and see all of these people running around or going to the consession stand, you might see some one who is standing tall and proud with their right hand over their heart, they may even have a tear in their eye, but anyway that person is probably a veteran. It reminded me of this time when this old man walked into my grandma's store and he was wearing a ripped tshirt, all of the buttons were missing so he had it clipped with a saftey pin, and he was wearing these dirty shorts, and flip flops that you can get at a dollar store somewhere. He had lost his hearing in Vietnam and he lived waaay out in the woods somewhere I don't know if it was in a house or not. Isn't that awful? A veteran living that way I mean. Actually it's awful if any one lives that way but god, he's a war veteran for crying out loud. It really upset me.


Here's my weekend. I was going to go to Rogers so I could see me cousin that I haven't seen in a few years and my dad and Tim (his cousin) could go deer hunting *rolls eyes* I didn't want to go because she never pays attention to me when I'm there and her phone conversations go like this "okay so what did he say?....then what did she say?......no way!....you know I heard they were dating.....yes way I heard it from susie who heard it from judy who heard it from sally who heard it from his cousin.....I do not.....I SO do not!.....I do NOT like him!....well, okay maybe I do...gotta go, call waiting." ugh! I'm serious that's pretty much it! I didn't have to go though, Tim came down here. Missy, my poodle, was like scared to death of him! She growled at him every time she saw him.

Monday during flag practice, Megan wasn't there so we had no one to keep us from fighting the whole time except for Melanie but she's too quiet and no one listens to me or Colleen. Everyone was yelling and arguing and I finally got their attention by screaming "Doesn't it embaress you guys that we suck and Harrison and Cotter and all of the other flag lines rock and we....suck?!??! Shut up and count!!!!!" actually a few people were rolling around on the ground laughing after I said that. Yeah, it wasn't very thought out. Anyway, after that everyone was still fighting so Krestin, Tegra, Trussie(so many odd names!), and Amanda all headed off down the hill to a gas station that's not very far away and got milkshakes, leaving Melanie, Colleen, and myself (Brandi wasn't there)

Today, during english I got my school pictures. They were a lot better than last year because my bangs are all grown out but they were still pretty frightening.

Whew, I think I'm done.

09 November 2003

Here are some quotes from this week that you might enjoy.

"aww look at the cute little grape! I want it!"-Kayla
"No! it's my friend!"-Me
*Kayla's brother grabs the grape and eats it*
"nooooo!!"-Me and Kayla

"Now remember Joseph, you can put your arm around her and you can hold her hand but nothing else because this is 'God's bus'."-Rachel

"I am able to sit that way I'm like the Cheshire Cat...heh I'm funny......no I'm not"-Katherine

"I won't run into it today I've ran into for three days straight but not today-" *SMACK!* -Colleen running into a pole

"What's a weather vane?"-Krestin
"You idiot. You don't know what a weather vane is?"-Brandi
*Krestin grabs Brandis' paper*
"We rode in a weather vane? even I know that's not what a weather vane is!"-Krestin

"You look like Freddy Krueger when you do that"-Zach
"Well you look like your sister!"-Me
"oooh good one, Chels!"-Megan

"What shall we call our fish?"-Trussie

"eep! vroom! vroom! eeeerrk!! woooooodle hooodle!!"-Me
"you and your sound effects"-Kayla

"Want a Smartie?"-Justin
"no thanks, Smartie's make you dumb"-Me
"you and your theories"-Justin

"Peter Pan is hot"-Me
"Yeah I know"-Kayla
"Have you noticed how like in all of the plays Peter Pan is almost always played by a girl?"-Me
"Yeah it's probably a girl"-Kayla
"She's hot"-Eric
"eeeww!"-Me and Kayla

"Get up and go to bed! We're leaving!"-Me

"Brandi wants Eli"-Eric
"Just because I had a dream about him does NOT mean i like him!"-Brandi
"You had a dream about him?"-Eric
"Eli! Brandi has 'special' dreams about you!"-Me

"The store's run by midnight people"-Megan
"by what?"-Me
"you know, those people with the things on their heads"-Megan

Lol you see what I have to put up with every day?

04 November 2003

Okay, on Halloween Kayla and Amanda stayed over and we saw Scary Move 3. What a stupid movie. Anyway, before we left, we were going to make Amanda go trick-or-treating at this guy we know that lives down the street from me. Instead, she went to my neighbor's Kayla and I hid behind the fence and watched her. It was really fun untill they made me go to the next house. Some old couple lives there and for some reason I felt really guilty about taking their candy even though they gave it to me. It was really weird.
Yesterday, we came up with a new flag routine for the Christmas parade. While we were practicing there was this bug flying around everyone and I was laughing because I was the only one who noticed it and it flew in my mouth!
I must go now my medicine is kicking in.
Nyquil, take me away!

28 October 2003

Today started really bad. I even cried a few times before 4rth period. It had to do with a lot of rumors. Luckily things worked out and there was a happy ending. Anyway, I don't even want to think about that anymore. I hooked my friends Krestin and Daniel up. They're so good together. I was sitting in science today and got bored and made a list of all the things I'd rather do than be in science class. Here it is.
1.) sit in a bath tub with a hairdryer...plugged in
2.) kick Eric T in the head because he won't stop asking if I wear a thong
3.) run around in a thunderstorm with a big metal rod
4.) buy Ms. Wood some new music so she'll quit playing opera during English
5.) learn how to yodel
6.) Spear Britney
7.) suck helium
8.) spend 5 hours in a mall while I'm broke
9.) put suction cups on the bottom of my feet and attempt to walk on the ceiling
10.) sell my toenail clippings to passing cars on the corner.
11.) videotape myself eating cheese
12.) nail my feet to the floor so no one can drag me to science class

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